Videos- tutorials and lectures

Spastic child, treatment and contracture prevention, 6 videos


Early treatment of the babies clubbfoot, 3 videos


Child rehabilitation after Meningitis in rural area, 11 videos


Healthy exercises – to help yourself, 4 videos


Natural remedies for external application – workshop 12 videos


Natural remedies, basic skills – workshop, 14 videos 


Physiothertapy in rural areas, basic skills, 22 videos


Introduction to medical massage, 6 videos


Manual Physio treatments for common health problems, 8 videos


Mobilisation techniques for joints and spine, 16 videos


Passive movement technique for leg and arm, 3 videos


Helping with natural remedies in Physiotherapy, 4 videos


Treating edemas in rural areas, 5 videos


Speech training for hemiplegic patients with aphasia, 14 videos




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