Medicinal oil

How to produce medicinal oils

Working in physiotherapy or in rehabilitation we can benefit a lot from the knowledge of natural medicine. Wherever you work, in a hospital, health center or in a community based rehabilitation project, medicinal oils and ointments are for everyday use. Its not difficult to produce them. Following you find information about this topic.


First prepare a water bath: Put a pot one quarter filled with water on the stove. Another slightly smaller pot is placed in this pot (double boiler). The ingredients are heated in this smaller pot. Place lids on both pots. The water bath guarantees that the temperature never rises above 100° C. Be sure that no water can go into the smaller pot even when it boils – if the oil in the inner pot is contaminated with water, the oil goes rancid much more quickly.

The leaves must be absolutely dry, so that no water enters your oil from the leaves. Use the best locally available vegetable oil: palm oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, peanut oil, ore any other vegetable oil that is kind to the skin.

Put the mixture into the water-bath and let the water simmer for 60 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. Filter and leave to cool without stirring. This medicinal oil needs protection from sun, heat and air. Therefore store your oils and ointments in tightly closed containers. Fill them almost up to the top to minimize the amount of air. Never mix old products with new ones! When oil smell rancid throw them away straightaway.

Do not let yourself be attracted by commercial products because of their colour or perfume. Colourings and preservatives can cause allergies. Your home-made oils and ointments are certainly better for your health!

The ingredients for these recipes are given in volumetric units (e.g. mug, tin, cup). The amounts for plants refer always to the dried, pulverized state.

Baby oil                        – leaves from lemon tree 1 unit      – vegetable oil 9 units

Beauty oil                     – leaves from lemon tree or from orange tree 1 unit                         – vegetable oil 10 units

Massage Oil                 – eucalyptus leaves 2 units      – vegetable oil 10 units

 Oil for rheumatism     – chili fruits, dried, pounded 1 unit  – (if available): elemi resin 1 unit   – vegetable oil 4 units

Avoid contact with the eyes! Do not use for treating small children. When you massage an area where the skin is very thick, add some kaolin to give a more intense warming effect.

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