Bone healing with Symphytum

How to improve bone healing with natural remedies

There are some efficient remedies and herbal application to help broken bones to heal.

Generally a balanced diet is important. Enough sunlight and movement of non affected parts will contribute as well. Some fractures like tibia shaft  need compression to heal. As soon as the doctor allows partial weight bearing the patient shall be instructed in such exercises.

Comfrey leave plaster as a external herbal application

This application can be used only in cases of closed bone fractures without skin damages. Don’t use it in open fractures.

Comfrey Bild

Harvest fresh comfrey (Symphytum officinalis) leaves, clean them in fresh water and chop them as small as possible. Mix with a little bit of water to get a consistence of a paste, medical name poultice. Apply it on the fractured side, cover properly with a water tight bandage (plastic foil), liquid might ooze out and stain garments and bedcloths, leave the poultice on the fracture for the whole night. The application can be used daily for 2 up to 5 weeks.

Egg and lemon supplement in the weekly diet

Eat twice weekly a soft boiled egg in which the egg yolk is still a little bit liquid. As well as twice a week a lemon fruit. Both contributes to a metabolism which helps proper bone healing.

Important: the eggs have to be fresh and from clean origin. If you don’t find lemon fruits you can use pure lemon juice from a shop. Take 1 small cup twice a week.

Special recipe for calcification of bones

Take a clean egg and boil it for 10 minutes assuring that it is sterilised. Put this egg into a cup and cover it completely with lemon juice, leave it for the whole night. Take the egg out off the cup in the morning (you can eat it when ever you want). We are interested in the lemon juice because it has absorbed the calcium of the eggshell. Drink this lemon juice after a full meal.

You can repeat this recipe 3 times a week.

Fish oil as a remedy for bone healing

Fish oil (Omega 3)is well known to be helpful in the healing process of broken bones. The local pharmacy will be the place where you will find capsules to swallow or liquid fish oil to drink. Use it at least for 3 months.

Remember: chronic swelling is not helpful in the healing process. It is natural that the broken part thickens due to the callus production but if the arm or leg remains swollen after 2 weeks, do everything to reduce the oedema: elevating the extremity as often as possible, gentle movements where possible, isometric exercises, simple oedema massage and eventually bandaging during the night. A long cooked soup with vegetables included in daily diet is helpful in this drainage process.

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