Newsletter 3

Paray Physio Study Group

Lumelang bo Mme le bo Ntate, Dear Physiofriends

Time is flying and we are approaching soon our next get-together. I am glad to inform you that this years physiotherapy workshop will be held from the 13th – 18th of December at Paray in Thaba Tseka. We will be kindly hosted and generously supported by Paraymission Hospital and Paraymission Nursingschool. In the refreshing climate and in the beauty of the Thaba Tseka mountain area we will share and learn more about the fascinating physiotherapy experience. Beside me, Mrs. Therese Schär, a qualified and clinically well experienced senior physiotherapist, will contribute to the teaching.

The main topics of this years workshop are:

  • Assessment and treatment of common clinical conditions
  • A new and fresh approach of TB physiotherapy
  • Neuro rehabilitation
  • Natural remedies in physiotherapyWe will be able to offer you a learning setting for beginners and advanced physiotherapists. This allows us to be in the same workshop, as learning together is growing together. You will soon receive all the details and the application form.In last years workshop we practised among many other technics the shepherds footbath. This nice and comfortable treatment we call in physiotherapy terms “perception footbath”. It’s helpful for relaxation, stimulation of perception and peripheral blood circulation. Its use is only limited by open wounds, infections or other defects of the skin. At my place I adapted the program culturally and I named it the grandmothers footbath. The grandmother of my mother was a traditional healer, she was well experienced with herbs, curing with water, symbolic treatments and prayer. She taught this treatment to my mother and I had the chance to learn it.Here’s the European version of the shepherds footbath:“The grandmothers footbath”


I am looking forward to my journey to Lesotho from the 1st of December – 16th of January 2010.

Until then you can contact me if you like by sms: 0041 79 512 78 21
0039 320 352 71 14
or by email:

Have a good time and God bless you and your family,

Salang hantle Thuso W. Fasser

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