Newsletter 4

Dear Friends

Newsletter 4
Paray Physiotherapy Study Group

With pleasure I present you the 4th newsletter. This time I focus on three topics and include material which can be useful in our everyday work. In our last national workshop in physiotherapy held in December 2009 we worked a lot on neurology. The fascinating topic of neurology is a task for physiotherapists, rehabilitationworkers and the whole staff in the hospital. To harmonize the handling of hemiparetic patients I include two pictures which can be copied and attached to the patients bed. A good positioning is always helpful to the patient and sustains the rehabilitationwork.

Teaching exercises to a group of patients is a very common practice, is fun and proves to be very effective. The 10 Golden Rules are very helpful to develop an effective style in leading exercise classes. Last but not least you find included a helpful documentation about Koena. A practical information about what it is, where you can find it, how you can grow it and how you can integrate it in physiotherapy programs for respiratory patients?.

Next December there will be another edition of our physiotherapy study week. The three main topics will be:

  • Physiotherapy in mother-child care
  • Physiotherapy in Aids related conditions
  • Everyday orthopedic physiotherapySoon you will get detailed information about the event. If you would like to get some additional information, contact my website: In the english part you find useful information, news and even some songs of our last workshop! Whenever you like to contact me, don’t hesitate in doing so.I wish you all a good time, peace and prosperity for you and your family.Salang hantle
    Ntate Thuso W. Fasser

    July 2010

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